Sculptor Ray Day[1] and Lilliput Lane[2] teamed up to create this exquisitely detailed Tower of Terror collectible for the 2002 Disneyana convention. Ray Day is an acclaimed sculptor who has produced many other Disney designs[3], and Lilliput Lane is known worldwide for their miniature cottage collectibles. Only 400 individually-numbered Tower replicas were produced and sold at $325 each to individual collectors. This treasured Tower of Terror Disneyana collector’s item is rare and highly sought after.

Fellow tower fan Ryan R. kindly shares these gorgeous photos of his Lilliput Lane Tower of Terror collectible sculpture #002.

There are eight “Hidden Mickeys” on the Lilliput Lane Tower of Terror sculpture – six of them are visible in these photos below. Can you find the six Hidden Mickeys? They look like the Sorcerer’s Hat + Mickey ears. (Answers at the bottom of this page.)

Gallery Edit

Ray day tower of terror

Ray Day creating the original wax Tower of Terror Lilliput Lane sculpture.

With so much detail packed into the sculpture, you might be  surprised to know that this Tower replica is actually very tiny! Here is Ray Day creating the original wax sculpture:

In fact, Ray Day shares several photos of the Tower’s wax sculpting process here[4]. If you’d like to see how it was made, check it out!

Hidden Mickey Locations Edit

(Don’t peek down here unless you want help finding the Hidden Mickeys on the Tower of Terror Lilliput Lane sculpture!)

Lilliput lane hidden mickey tower of terror

Ray Day hid 8 “Mickeys” in the sculpture!

  1. On the front, under the “hotel” sign
  2. On the front, near the entrance gate in the greenery
  3. On the left side, just above the trees on the building itself
  4. On the right side, near the bottom and to the right of the “HTH” logo
  5. On the right side, in the greenery just above the second flight of stairs on the left
  6. On the backside, near the top of the Tower on the right
  7. (Pictured below) On the back side, on the right under a tree and between two flowers
  8. (Not pictured) On the back side, on the left where the path leads into the shrubs
Lilliput lane tower of terror hidden mickey near path

This Hidden Mickey isn’t visible in the photos above – here’s a closeup!

Huge thank you to reader Ryan R. for the beautiful photos of his Lilliput Lane Tower of Terror collectible sculpture!

References Edit


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