Gilbert London, was a Hollywood actor back in the 1930's. Gilbert London is a character in the 1997 TV film Tower of Terror, based on the actor character in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. He is named Gilbert Lawrence in the Tower of Terror novelization.


Snobbish and sarcastic, Gilbert has no qualms about picking on anyone with his snide remarks on people, which led to countless arguments with Dewey and Sally. In spite of his apparently unpleasant attitude, he does show a sense of loyalty and trust towards his fellow ghosts, which was reinforced when he and the others were surprised at Anna blaming Emeline for the tragedy, and by extension, to Buzzy and the others upon being helped in their effort at moving on with their deaths, expressing his gratitude as he and Carolyn ascend to Heaven.

The novelization refers to him as Gilbert Lawrence, and was described as having a Hamlet costume at one point in the story.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the film, he was portrayed by Alastair Duncan, who was known for his voiceover and motion capture roles in several video games.