AMERICAN ADVENTURER'S MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE, is a prop newspaper article featured in the fictitious London Globe Telegraph. The article was published January 1, 1900 and reported the disappearance of Harrison Hightower III.

Known TranscriptEdit


Harrison Hightower III, the enigmatic American millionaire explorer, disappeared last night in New York City.

Mr. Hightower, who built New York's landmark Hotel Hightower, and lives there in an extraordinary penthouse apartment, whenever he isn't traveling the world, was last seen entering the private elevator to his suite of rooms.

...below. Thankfully, Hightower was not found in the wreckage, so either he escaped unhurt or he was not on the elevator in the first place. He has yet to be located, but it was a chaotic night, and he is no doubt thunderstruck over the shocking events at his beloved hotel.

...good fortune only a few small fires were started, and quickly put out. People on the street helped with the evacuation as best they could, but in those first terrifying moments nobody knew what would happen next. For all anyone knew the whole building might collapse at any moment so guests were not allowed to return to their rooms...